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I love to help people excel.

I’ve helped hundreds of people grow their organizations—and their careers. Whether a leader expressing their vision for the future before the board of directors or a young team member gaining support of stakeholders, I love to help people grow—and watch them receive recognition.

Encourager Of Leaders and Future Leaders

I work with leaders (and future leaders) to leverage their strengths to amplify their impact. I combine thoughtful growth, action, and innovation to prepare people for the coming challenges they will encounter.

Focusing on business and donor development, I help leaders (and future leaders) gain comfort in outlining their vision and inviting others to come along. As a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), I have seen a variety of tools for growing both business and donor support–and I can evaluate the tools that could make the biggest impact for organizations like yours.

Encourage From Experience

With over 50 years of media, ministry and technology experience, I’ve led and consulted people in remarkable organizations including:

  • Hope Media Group
  • Salem Media Group
  • DickersonBakker
  • Advocace Media
  • Moody Bible Institute
  • Positive Alternative Radio
  • KLTY (both with Metroplex Communications and Evergreen Communications)
  • Olivet Media Group
  • Christian Broadcasting Network

Let’s connect and talk about your vision and how we might pursue it together.

Paul Martin, CFRE: iEncourager's Encourager in Chief

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