Why iEncourager?

Nonprofit organization leaders envision serving far more people than their revenues often permit. iEncourager development consulting helps nonprofit leaders amplify impact by helping them amplify revenue.

Grow on Your Strengths

As our name implies, iEncourager builds on your organizational and personal strengths to amplify your impact. While traditional consultants focus on magnifying weaknesses, iEncourager’s approach values honest assessment, authentic affirmation, and leverage of your existing strengths.

iEncourager's APPIR Cycle for development consultingiEncourager delivers thoughtful innovation, action, and growth to nonprofit leaders through a combination of coaching and development consulting. iEncourager follows its exclusive APPIR (pronounced “appear”) Cycle—a recurring approach that begins with Affirming organizational and leadership strengths through assessment, then building upon those strengths to move the organization toward its vision.

That’s how the organization’s vision begins to ‘appear’.

Authentic, Affirming and Quicker

While other consultants emphasize the failings of the organization, iEncourager knows emphasizing and building on organization and leader strengths is the fastest way to move toward the vision.

Growth: Business Development and Donor Development

Whether business development consulting or donor development consulting, iEncourager leverages your organization’s strengths for growth: today and into the future.