Leaders often feel alone. Employees and donors expect leaders of Christian nonprofit organizations to have answers to all societal, business and biblical questions. That’s a lot to carry!

The leader’s vision puts them in a truly unique position with little opportunity for collaboration—and a strong need for confidentiality.

Leaders need to work with someone who knows the issues, the common consequences of decisions and steps toward success.

Our Mission

iEncourager helps nonprofit leaders amplify their impact by helping them amplify revenue through thoughtful innovation, growth and action.

Our Values

We believe, show and share our values with our clients and our community. We
demonstrate what we believe by the way we live and work.


Our individual faith in God and His grace through Jesus Christ is the foundation for how we work, how we live and how we treat one another.


We are lifelong learners who seek ways that we and our clients may have greater impact.


We tell the truth. We respect others. We look for ways to display the same character in all aspects of our lives.


We look to see the strengths God has fashioned in people and leverage thosen strengths for greatest impact. We are not naïve. We assess assets and liabilities then focus on ways to encourage greater impact by leveraging client strengths.


We look to build others up, not ourselves. We are grateful for life and the
opportunity to serve others.

Professional Standards

In our client work, we embrace standards that demonstrate our values. We:

  • Put client interests ahead of our own
  • Identify biblical truths to faithfully increase client impact
  • Preserve client confidences
  • Pursue an objective perspective
  • Manage and advise clients to use resources cost-effectively


We are serious people


We are passionnate


We are determined

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We’re Here To Help Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity & Innovation

Some of Our Clients

Team Members
Satisfied Customers

Our Directors

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Eric Widget
Eric WidgetCEO & Founder
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Helen ParkinsCTO & Partner
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Jason ResponseCFO & Partner
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