Impactful donor development is more than just raising funds—it’s about building meaningful connections and fostering a community of support. iEncourager’s approach is rooted in biblical principles of stewardship, generosity, and relationship-building, guiding ministries towards long-term success and impact.

Your Organization Strength

iEncourager identifies and leverages your organization’s unique strengths to grow. While many consultants focus on improving weaknesses, we find that leveraging known strengths helps people enjoy the growth process more and move faster with confidence. Certainly, we build new skills, but your organization’s unique strengths (and unique people) create momentum for growth.

APPIR: The Encouraging Five-Step Way To Grow

The iEncourager Donor Development process rests on the APPIR five step process:iEncourager's APPIR Cycle


We begin by affirming your ministry’s current donor development efforts, identifying strengths, gaps, and opportunities for growth. Through analysis and consultation, we gain a clear understanding of your ministry’s unique strengths, needs and goals.


Combining your organization’s vision, strengths and needs, iEncourager collaborates with you and your team to differentiate short-term from long-term matters.


iEncourager and your team create a sequence of these high-impact priorities. With the achievement of each priority, your team builds confidence to grow and engage the next priority.

  • Cultivation Strategy. Based on the Affirm stage, we work closely with your ministry leadership to develop a tailored donor cultivation strategy. The strategy outlines actionable steps for engaging donors, communicating impact, and fostering stewardship.
  • Cultivation Calendar. With the Cultivation Strategy, iEncourager and your team will develop a cadence of donor communications and activities to deepen donor relationships.


With a solid strategy in place, we support your ministry in implementing key initiatives and activities to cultivate donor relationships. This may include donor communication campaigns, stewardship events, volunteer engagement programs, and more.

  • Training and Support. We provide training and support to your ministry staff and volunteers, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to effectively engage donors and communicate your ministry’s mission and impact.
  • Key Moment Leadership Coaching. In every leader Key Moments come that can propel the ministry toward its vision or slow its progress. iEncourager works with leaders to be ready and make those encounters productive.


Donor development is an ongoing process, and we continually evaluate and optimize our strategies based on feedback and results. We track key metrics, measure success, and make adjustments as needed to ensure maximum effectiveness. A brief Report helps confirm or adjust the Priorities that the team sets.

For over three decades, iEncourager’s principal helped leaders grow their ministries and gain traction for their vision. Isn’t it time that we connect?

Let’s Talk About Donor Support

I’d like to hear about the vision you have for your organization. Let’s talk and see if there is a good way for us to encourage you.

Most leaders don’t have people who understand their situation and are safe to confide their excitement and concerns. For decades, I’ve been entrusted with by influential leaders as they reveal their hearts.

I look forward to an encouraging call together soon.