Building a community of support around your ministry includes both businesses and nonprofit organizations. Many share your mission—while others admire your mission and want to support it. The business community can be valuable resource to grow your ministry’s influence, impact, and income.

Business Decisions Differ From Donor Decisions

Business leaders may include major donors—but they often employ an entirely different decision path for business support. Some major donors become offended with other business partners’ involvement so a thriving business support process relies on smart planning. iEncourager makes your business development program good for donors, listeners, business partners and your organization.

Appealing to business partners who are a good fit takes defining—especially if your organization has a business development representative with a high-performance sales background. Both the business partner and the representative need definitions on how you acknowledge business support and what you make available for business support. It sounds simple but can be relationally challenging. That’s where iEncourager excels.

iEncourager’s Partner Journey Assures A Good Fit

Business Support Partner Journey

Developing a systematic approach to Win new business partners, Keep business partners and Lift those partners to greater involvement with your organization is vital. The “Partner Journey” design clarifies expectations of all parties: your organization’s leaders, the business development representative and the business partner. And that’s also where iEncourager excels.

iEncourager’s APPIR process identifies strengths of your organization and positioning those strengths with your business partners.

And Then There Is IRS and FCC Compliance

Whether the Internal Revenue Service or the Federal Communications Commission, United States Federal Regulations speak loudly for nonprofits with business income.

From an IRS Qualified Sponsorship to Business Underwriting, iEncourager helps design suitable promotions, proposals and opportunities that optimize relationships with Business Partners.

iEncourager assesses your organization’s vulnerability to fines (or worse) from the IRS and FCC by assessing your compliance workflow and programs.

Let’s Talk About Business Support For Your Organization

I’d like to hear about the vision you have to grow business support for your organization.

Creating a business-friendly, fully-compliant business support program for a nonprofit is enormously beneficial for your impact and financial growth.

Let’s talk to see if there is a path forward to encourage your organization.