Grow Positively with iEncourager

First, start with your strengths—that’s how people and organizations really grow. Leverage the strengths of your organization, your team members and your situation.

That’s where iEncourager begins.

Business and Donor Development Growth Through Strengths

Often, consulting firms emphasize the failings of an organization and propose solutions to fix those failings. iEncourager takes a positive, strengths-based approach to consulting and coaching. Our methods first leverage and prioritize current organizational strengths that help overcome organizational weakness.

Grow with iEncourager's APPIR CycleAs a result, iEncourager’s approach elevates motivation, speeds implementation, and appreciates the unique qualities which God crafted in each person. iEncourager’s process for growing Business Development engagement follows the acronym APPIR (pronounced “appear”):

  • Affirm organizational and personal strengths and identify growth opportunities through assessment
  • Prioritize opportunities in a logical, sequential, achievable path of projects
  • Plan activities, tasks and relationships as projects with estimated timelines
  • Implement the plan with activity tracking, training and coaching
  • Report on project success through metrics defined in the Plan stage

Whether Donor Development or Business Development, iEncourager’s APPIR Cycle builds on your organization’s strengths with greater adaptability, endurance, effectiveness and speed.

APPIR: Encouragement Fuels Working Together

At the beginning of each engagement, iEncourager Affirms the strengths and how they relate to the vision of your organization. Every year, iEncourager updates the Affirm assessment and collaborates with your organization’s leaders before Prioritizing and Planning for the year.

Certainly, organizations may adjust, but the roadmap for Implementation keeps people on a faster pace to accomplishment.

iEncourager works with your team members to Report on Plan progress and adjustments. As the engagement (or Plan Year) closes, these Reports are vital in mapping organizational expectations in the coming year.