by Paul Martin

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by Paul Martin


When someone notices you, how do you feel? The memory of that feeling keeps pushing you forward.

We’re all the same. Words matter. A truly powerful person recognizes they can be an encourager. It starts with noticing others and desiring to be “for” them.

Not Just Positive People

Encouragers aren’t just positive people. Regardless of position, encouragers choose to make a difference in people around them. Encouragers quickly check their situation and have a ready answer for these questions:

  • When you’re stuck, how do you get past it?
  • When a team member is stuck, how do you help them get past it?
  • When someone who is beaten by life is stuck, how do you help them move ahead and enjoy victory?

Encouragers: Often Unlikely People Who Empower Others

Scripture encourages us to be, well, encouragers. So what impact can an encourager have on someone?

  • See circumstances and conditions as changeable.
  • Are prayerful problem-solvers and help you create solutions and pursue positive change.
  • Consistently deliver words of hope that support your race to the finish line.
  • Listen well to discover what it is their friend is experiencing.
  • Focus on your friend.
  • Have a special knack for noticing people.
  • Are intentional.
  • Don’t discriminate.
  • Inspire with courage, and help someone to continue, to give aid, support and help.
  • Instill confidence, put courage in where it is lacking, where there is uncertainty and doubt, and feed hope.

More Than A Cheerleader-5 Qualities of Encouragers

Jim Akers noted great encouragers share five qualities:

  1. A genuine heart for people
  2. An empathetic ear
  3. An eye for potential
  4. A consistent source of hope
  5. Setting a positive and inspiring example

Good news! Encouragers learn these five qualities–they aren’t born with them.

So let’s intentionally grow as encouragers together.

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