Growth is a like a game. If you know what to watch, you can see good things happen and build a growth mindset.

In nonprofit organizations and business, we use analytics to reveal what we need to keep an eye on. It’s a growth mindset. But sometimes, there are just too many numbers on the page for us to track. And some people aren’t as comfortable with numbers as others, so let’s simplify it to three keys:

  • Win: How many people are new to us this year?
  • Keep: How many people did we keep from last year?
  • Lift: How many of those we kept that got more involved?

People Make The Difference In Growth Organizations

Growing organizations simply keep and engage more people. We can Lift those people to greater involvement and support. But, first, we plan to Win and Keep them.

The Win, Keep and Lift mindset highlight the people who affiliate with us. As a result, this mindset works in a lot of our organizations as we chronicle our work with:

  • Members (churches and industry associations)
  • Donors (churches and nonprofit organizations)
  • Email Subscribers (all church, nonprofit and businesses)
  • Participants and Attendees (churches and conferences)
  • Listeners/Viewers (radio, television and digital media)
  • Customers/Clients (most businesses)

You can even break these categories into segments. For instance, break out the mid-level donors and see how each segment runs.

Putting Win, Keep and Lift to Work

When you review a Year Over Year (YOY) report, quickly spot the areas that show you Win new people, Keep the ones you had and Lift others to greater involvement.

When you begin planning your next year of activities, use Win, Keep and Lift to build your service plans to reach more people as well as your financial plans.

Whenever you look at research, find a way to work with Year Over Year results so that you can measure progress in the Win, Keep, Lift way.

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